Lemon Poussin

Poussin is a young chicken, typically under 28 days old.

You guys over the wrong side of the pond might know Poussin as a small cross-breed of Red Cornish Game Hen, which is about twice the size of a Commonwealth Poussin.

Our chicks weigh in at 400-450g, never exceeding 750g which might make it a Spring Chicken. I guess you guys find your Poussin about that weight.

Anyway, one people divided by a common language ...

We've got birds to cook!

Prep? Simply stuff a lemon wedge and a skinned clove of garlic into the cavity and gently release the skin to push a good slice of butter up there. Salt and pepper over, sprinkle of thyme. Done!

Done? Pretty much ... just bung it in the oven set to 180C for 45 minutes.

Take it out and set aside to rest.

Skim off the fat from the juices and pour some boiling water over, maybe add a little chicken stock to firm up the flavours.

Squeeze in some lemon juice - this cannot be too lemony, trust me ...

Toss in some shredded spring onions and lettuce. Firm lettuce is best - I used British Cos.

Before the lettuce has sogged, serve up ...

Lettuce and spring onions into a nice bowl, Poussin on top and spoon the remaining juices over.

Have a fresh bowl to chuck in the bones and a smaller bowl of hot water with lemon juice for fingers.

Consume noisily, hungrily and enjoy every bit of meat and skin you shred from that carcass.

... and then, enjoy the carcass, simmered with a touch of cider vinegar as a soothing bone broth the following day.