Bone Broth

Reserve the bones from chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, whatever it is you've just eaten.

In my case Poussin.

Bone broth is an old wives' remedy for the common cold, an immune booster and mineral store. We can get our calcium from leafy greens, but bone broth delivers so more than that - calcium, magnesium, phosphorous; not to mention gelatin and collagen.

You can read so many articles about why bone broth is so good, so I won't repeat those verbatim or in paraphrase here - go hunt, go gather!

My recipe is so simple. I don't flounce it up at all other than the inclusion of a small amount of cider vinegar which assists in the breakdown of the bone, releasing all the goodness.

Other than that, it's just a case of cracking the carcass into a few pieces, breaking the joint in the leg and wing bones and pouring hot water over to just cover. Pour in a tablespoon of cider vinegar.

Bring to the boil and simmer for a while.

Feel free to add in some peppercorns, maybe cloves, garlic, herbs, whatever goodness you want to put into the initial stock. I chose to keep it really plain.

When you're about ready to serve, bring the heat up to a boil and reduce.

Ladle out into a bowl and add in whatever you want. No reason not to drink it as is, but mushrooms, a little ginger, maybe some chilli, whatever ...

I went with enoki mushrooms, spring onions and ginger.

Drink deep and be healed!