Bangers & Mash

Classic British!

Bangers and Mash is a simple comfort dish enjoyed throughout many homes in Britain and served as simple food in many of our pubs.

The dish consists of sausages over mashed potatoes with a good serving of thick gravy. Vegetables sometimes accompany.

Already paleo if the ingredients are sourced carefully and sausages without filler are procured, but there are a couple of tweaks to turn this dish into fine paleo comfort food.

Let's put the dish together ...

Set the oven to 200C and put in 100% meat sausages to cook, turning them every so often. Being all meat, the skins should be pricked to allow the fat juices out. We will use these juices in the mash.

Meanwhile prepare the vegetables you want with the dish. Cabbage is great and very green cabbage perfect! I used Savoy cabbage here.

Also, get some celeriac boiling to mash up. I include a few cubes of daikon in the mix for a subtle kick. When ready, simply mash as you would potatoes ... pour over the juices from the sausages.

Finally, make up a gravy from stock, flavouring it with leek or mushroom and thickening at the end with arrowroot.

Plate up with the cabbage first, then the mash and place the sausages on top of the mash. Pour over the gravy slowly so that the flavourings remain on top of the sausages and the liquid pours into the bowl. Tuck in and be comforted!