Calf Liver & Mushroom Gravy with Poached Egg

Livers are rich in vitamin A and iron, and a great thing to eat every so often.

Like chicken livers, calf livers can be pureed into a pâté, the most famous of which is pâté de foie gras made from fatty duck livers. For this dish, we're interested in a few slices of calves liver and we're going to fry it.

Time to fry some offal ...

First, make up the gravy from a thick stock and let some slices of mushroom infuse in. I like chestnut mushrooms for their darker colour and strong flavour. Some thinly sliced onion and even garlic can be included. Let the gravy warm through for a good while - 15 minutes, or so, to ensure that all the inclusions have softened up and melded into a deep, unctuous gravy.

Next, prepare a pan of boiling water and a good slosh of white distilled malt vinegar. This is for the poached egg, which should be done last. Crack an egg into a ramekin or small bowl in preparation.

Fry off slices of calves liver for a couple of minutes each side and then lower the heat to baste repeatedly in butter while you make the poached egg.

Bring the water to the boil and then drop the heat so that a gentle simmer is evident with smaller bubbles rising from through. Swirl the water gently to create a little whirlpool in the centre and then gently pour the egg into the swirling water which should spin the white around the yolk.

Poach the egg for a few minutes, keeping an eye on it so that you retrieve the egg with a draining spoon onto kitchen paper once the white has solidified, leaving the yolk runny.

Plate up ...

Pour the thick gravy onto a plate and lay the slices of liver over.

While you're fiddling with the egg, drop a few spears of asparagus into the frying pan to use the remainder of the fat to warm through.

Dry off the egg by flipping it over on the kitchen roll and gently place on the plate aside the liver slices.

Lay the asparagus spears between the poached egg and slices of liver, garnishing the dish with a little parsley or salad leaves. Salt the egg if necessary and give the whole dish a good grind of fresh black pepper.

Great at any time of the day, I find this dish a really good late breakfast.