Brisket and Enoki Mushroom Soup

Brisket is one seriously tasty cut of beef and a very thrifty cut! I always buy more than I'll need for a meal, cook it all and enjoy the left overs.

Enoki mushrooms are a Japanese variety used traditionally in soups. With a curious appearance, crisp texture and a subtle flavour they lend themselves to accompanying meat.

This soup makes a quick and easy starter ...

Bring some bouillon up to temperature in a pan.

Bouillon is a broth made from a simmering of mirepoix, bouquet garni and some bones. You can look up mirepoix and bouquet garni but here's a cheat - you can buy powered bouillion which only needs a generous tablespoon in a litre of water. If you wanted to make up your own, it's onion, celery and carrots (the mirepoix), thyme, bay and sage tied together (the bouquet garni), some bones and water - simmer for a few hours to extract all the flavour, freeze excess as appropriate.

Bouillon can also be purchased in powdered form.

Toss in some pieces of beef brisket and enoki mushrooms.

Lower the heat, pour in some cream and some white pepper.

Serve out with dill as garnish.