Deli Meat, Egg and Pickle

Quick easy starter, entrĂ©e or snack.

Pickles are perfect partners for deli meat and eggs. Pickles are good for normalising acidic levels in the stomach, especially for gastric reflux sufferers and coupled with eggs makes for a really good small meal, starter or snack.

It's easy ... let's put it together ...

On a clean white plate, place a slice of deli meat - this could be peppered steak, salt beef, bresaola, parma ham, serrano ham, pastrami; anything of that nature. A blob of horseradish, mustard, sour cream is optional.

Place a boiled egg onto the meat. The yolk of the egg can be removed and mixed with other ingredients - pickled capers and chillis is one of my favourites. Devilled is another idea.

Place a sliced pickled gherkin around the egg and garnish with some salad leaves, peas shoots, dill, something green and compatible in taste with what you've put together.

I often put a couple of spears of asparagus lightly fried in butter for the crunch and some fat.

This dish is about imagination and pushing your artistic flair. Put together small combinations of food that you enjoy - ensure the plate is bursting with flavour and that each ingredient can stand out in its own right.