Laver Bread with Bacon, Eggs, Mushrooms and Asparagus

Laver Bread is a Welsh delicacy and often served as part of the Welsh breakfast along with bacon, eggs and cockles.

Made from boiled seaweed Laver Bread, or Bara Lawer in Welsh, is a fantastic source of iodine and best fresh from the local market if you live in Wales. We can enjoy this delicacy from tins and a good online supplier can be found here: http://www.laverbread.com - they sell cockles, too.

People who IF (that's "intermittent fasting") know that breakfast, or "break fast" can happen any time of the day and so a good Welsh breakfast in the evening is just the ticket.

Let's get our brecwast wedi ei goginio ...

Warm up your laver bread in a pan.

Get some bacon under the grille.

Fry up some thick slices of mushrooms in fat and fry a couple of eggs. Finally, fry off a few spears of asparagus.

Plate up - put the laver bread in a ramkin at one side of the plate and lay out the fried ingredients. Garnish with green leaves.

Scoop out the laver bread onto slices of mushroom and bacon, dip the asparagus in and into the yolk of the fried eggs. Blasus!