Leftover Chilli Con Carne Pancake

Pancake?! It's okay ... start breathing again! I've not gone all neolithic on you - I just call it a pancake since it's not strictly an omelette.

Let's get cracking ...

In one frying pan heat up the leftover Chilli Con Carne and bring the heat down to evaporate any excess water without burning.

In a dry non-stick frying pan make the pancake by adding a teaspoon of water per egg and whisking well, whipping a little air into the batter. Again, just crack an egg or two into a bowl, add a teaspoon of water per egg and whisk. Easy, eh?

The pancake should be thin - this is not an omelette, so use half the number of eggs than you would for an omelette for your size of pan.

Place the pancake on a board, butter it with some guacamole, spoon some Chilli Con Carne in and roll up.

Serve with a few drops of green Tabasco and maybe some cachumbar.