Steamed Cod with Kale and Sweet Potato Chips

The classic British Fish & Chips is battered fish served with thick chips of potato deep fried in dripping.

This was an early attempt at a kind of paleo Fish & Chips, sans batter around the fish and using sweet potato for the chips, or thick fries in some languages.

So, to business ...

This is a quick meal to prepare, so get all your equipment together and prepare all the food

Set up your multi-tier steamer up with chopped kale in one layer and your fish in the top layer, protected from the fierce steam by sitting them on some kitchen foil.

The fish can be accompanied by some ginger, lemon or other aromatics to steam through, or dust with something like paprika, cayenne pepper or chilli powder once on the plate.

Setup your fryer and get it to the correct temperature.

For guidance on frying, I have written an article about selecting the best fat and method of frying: http://livingintheiceage.pjgh.co.uk/2011/11/chips.html ... you could also shallow fry softer root vegetables like sweet potato or squash in a little lard or dripping.

Ready? Go!

Pour some boiling water into the base of the steamer and set the kale and fish steaming.

Gently lower the chips into the fat and let them fry through.

Serve up with the kale as a bed to lay the fish on and set the chips alongside. Cube some feta, if you like, to accompany the fish, perhaps dust the chips with a little chilli powder.

Simple, clean flavours ... enjoy!