Paleo Salsa Fresca

Mexican, also known as pico de gallo - literally, "rooster's beak" since the salsa is eaten by picking up pieces with the thumb and forefinger.

The salsa fresca is a fresh, simple accompaniment to any main meal.

Similar to Indian Kachumbar.

Why paleo? Well, many such salsa can include fruit which is not outright shunned by paleo, but the fructose is not especially welcome.

To make up a salsa fresca, simply combine cold, uncooked crunchy ingredients - onion, spring onion (scallion in the Caribbean), tomato, cucumber and radish.

Add in some pickled ingredients - chilli, garlic, anything you like.

I love asparagus, and this is the only cooked ingredient. Drop some tips into boiling water for a couple of minutes and plunge into ice cold water - this will cease the cooking, retain the colour and chill the down fast. Toss into the salsa.

Splash in a little fresh lime juice and garnish with some coriander leaf.