Potted Beef

Similar to paté, Potted Beef uses the meat rather than the organs.

Grass fed beef is one of the sheer pleasures of paleo eating - get some cheaper steak from such an animal, cut up into a few pieces and dust with a pinch of nutmeg.

Place in an ovenproof dish with a tight lid on a low heat for a good, long time. Setting the oven to around 100C and leaving the meat in overnight is perfect!

Next day, the meat should mash easily with a fork.

Come on! Assemble the dish ...

In a bowl, place the meat, a splash of anchovy essence, maybe a little more nutmeg, salt and pepper. Mash up and transfer to ramekins.

Cover the meat with melted butter and transfer to the fridge to set hard.

To plate up, place a ramekin of the Potted Beef on a plate and accompany with some crisp lettuce leaves in place of bread. Spread the meat on the lettuce leaf and enjoy.