Warm Ceviche

Chef Martin Morales was on the BBC's 'Saturday Kitchen' this morning, Peruvian, he now runs Ceviche in Soho, London.

His dish was ceviche, but warm ...

Ceviche is a curing method. Simply generously cover seafood with lime and within the hour, the flesh will be cooked. Chef Morales made up a blended paste of spring onion and chilli pepper to put over his sea bass and clam ceviche, then warmed through on a banana husk over a burner.

My version used what I have to hand: haddock.

Cut into small goujons and covered in lime juice, chopped chillies and some fine parsley tops were added. 20 minutes, or so, later, the fish was almost cured through.

Placed on some kitchen foil and then in a lidded pan, a mere couple of minutes are sufficient to warm through. The first hint of steam gives us the clue that it's ready.

That's it ... warm ceviche.

To serve, being breakfast, some scrambled eggs. As a dish for later in the day, a light salad would do well, perhaps in a wrap?