Bacon & Mushrooms

Bacon & Mushrooms
... a man cannot live on fish, alone.

I am not dogmatically pesce-paleo. My reason for moving to fish is two-fold: first, simply because I prefer fish, meat, I can take or leave; second, as real food eaters, we often invest so much effort into sourcing well reared meat that we forget the final stage: the slaughter

I don't want to eat badly slaughtered meat.

I got some lovely bacon in from a rare breed farmer, streaky, of course.

Eggs would be great, but I do have some really good chestnut mushrooms in.

Keeping it really simple, the bacon was grilled and the mushrooms fried off in a lard collected from belly pork drippings.

That's it ...

Superfluous pea shoots over for greenage and a good few splashes of Chipotle Tabasco.

Perfect! Even an egg could not make that more perfect.