What's better than Cheesecake?


Cheesecake is a perfect Paleo+ dessert made from single ingredient cream cheese and cream. Please please please check the ingredients - there is no need for gums, fillers or other ingredients.

Cream cheese is a cheese from cream ... nothing more. Cream is cream ... nothing more.

Made for our neighbourhood BBQ, yes, I could have taken round good meat, but our host had that covered with a superb array from a local farm shop.

I took a dessert ... I would have got a snap of the cake being served out, but it went ... in seconds ... literally, seconds. I'll do two next year.

So, Mega-Cheesecake ...

I have a 10" cake tin with a removable band - perfect for this.

You can make a base if you like - use what you will, gluten-free biscuits, coconut flour, whatever. I usually don't both with a base, since the cream cheese is the whole point of this but in this case, I did ... I used Digestive biscuits (not paleo, not even by a long stretch) and coconut oil.

Coconut oil is so much better than butter. It sets rock solid in only about half an hour, so mash up some biscuits, soften some coconut oil and pour into the biscuits. Spread out across the base of the tin and set in the fridge.

Once set, make the cake!

Two parts cream cheese and one part cream. To give you some hints, I used a 300ml carton of cream and 600g of cream cheese. Whisk together with some vanilla bean paste and a hint of honey - local Yorkshire honey from the Denholme Gate Apiary, for me, one tablespoon. Spoon over the base and pat down level.

Dress the cheesecake with strawberries, cut in half and laid out in circles, one large one as the prize in the middle.

Beautiful, eh?

Mega-Cheesecake was no match for a bunch of hungry Halifaxers ... we decimated this poor cake in seconds!