Steamed Pollock with Sumac Pesto

Sumac. Sub-tropical and temperate shrubs which grow predominantly across Africa and North America producing a reddish spice with a curious zesty flavour used in Middle Eastern cuisine, primarily.

I picked up a pot at the supermarket, having never cooked with it, with the intention of using it as part of a spicy marinating stock for lamb shanks.

Tonight's dinner was quite literally a grab a bunch of ingredients and put them on a plate kind of meal.

Our kitten has just been neutered and so, is being treated ... he's eating our fish! I have a good deal of pollock in and he's getting some, we're eating the rest. He's fine, by the way, recovering really well and doesn't seem to miss them.

So, enough about the mog's bollocks, over to this 'ere pollock ...

Simply steamed for a few minutes.

... and veggies ...

Again, steamed, and roasted.

I found a tomato in the fridge, so that was sliced and arranged on a plate.

I also had a couple of carrots, peeled and steamed, cocquina squash, peeled and roasted in goose fat, tenderstem broccoli, steamed, courgette, peeled into ribbons and steamed.

I found an orange, so peeled and segmented.

... and that set me on the path for zesty flavours to top the dish.

I have herbs: parsley and tarragon. Tarragon meets zesty flavours well. I have some hazelnuts and olive oil, and so, a pesto began to take shape. Stopping short of a squeeze of lemon juice, I added some sumac. Sea salt and a little pepper, and we have one delicious pesto.

All the food cooked and put together, pesto spooned over, we have dinner.

Yes, a bit of a mess, completely freestyling, but that's generally how I do it, tonight just especially do. It panned out and it was fantastic!