Salmon & Broccoli

Salmon & Broccoli
There's not a huge amount to write about this, and you might be looking at the picture thinking I've fobbed you off with such a simple dish.

But ...

Within simplicity is often great complexity.

Here, perfect flavour combinations, each enhancing the other.

We have: pan-fried salmon, steamed broccoli, griddled watermelon, lemon and pea shoots.

I first got the idea of griddled watermelon from the BBC's 'Saturday Kitchen'. I forget the Chef, but it was a damn fine idea and I enjoyed it pretty much straight away with some pan-fried sea bass. Watermelon has a subtle flavour, which really enhanced when it is griddled; a subtle sweetness which works so well with fish, enhancing the full flavour.

Lemon performs a similar role with fish, again enhancing the flavour, tickling the sour receptors and opening the palate to a wider range of flavours. Lemon also works well with broccoli.

Salmon and broccoli is a no-brainer - they go together.

So, pan fry the salmon in butter, basting as you go, steam the broccoli and griddle the watermelon.

Serve up with the watermelon under the fish and the broccoli all around, lemon wedge on top to be squeezed all over. Pea shoots garnish just for a final punch of concentrated flavour.

Done again, I think I'd use tenderstem broccoli ... purely aesthetic.