Parcel Baked Salmon

Parcel Baked Salmon
Parcel baking is godsend for busy people.

Simply bung your meal into a parcel of kitchen foil or ovenproof paper and bake in the oven. Fish takes 20-25 minutes, meat longer ...

... in fact, I'm reminded of a favourite lamb dish that I've not made in absolutely ages: Lamb Kleftiko, a Greek/Macedonian technique where the food is put into a parcel and baked in a covered pit, underground.

In the style of the Klephts, the etymology of the modern term: kleptomania, the Klephts were a mountain tribe of sheep rustlers. The underground cooking pit was to hide the fire from open view.

That's an aside ...

Tonight, salmon. Leeks, fennel, fresh peas and crème fraîche accompany, with some sea salt and black pepper. I also dotted in a couple of slices of leftover potato.

Into the oven for 25 minutes, unpack and arrange on a plate over salad leaves.

Job done, light meal made ... now off to my fencing class.