Coley Escovitch

Coley Escovitch
Most likely Spanish in origin, Escovitch is a Jamaican preparation for fish. You'll notice the similarity in sound to Escabeche, similar in process.

Escovitch is a curing method.

Take a couple of fillets of fish - Red Snapper would be the obvious one, but I had coley. Lay them in a tray.

Add some flavour: ground coriander, perhaps cumin, cayenne pepper (Jamaicans would use Scotch Bonnet ... again, I didn't have any in), black pepper, some sea salt and then cover with shredded onion.

Now the curing liquid: lime juice. Lemon juice is also fine, or a mix. One large lime covered two large coley fillets. Vinegar is also used; cane vinegar, keeping close to the Jamaican process, although any will do - I used a capful of cider vinegar.

Now leave it for at least a couple of hours, overnight is better.

Unlike Escabeche, Escovitch is cooked. Usually fried.

When you're ready to eat, simply place the tray into a pre-heated oven set to 180C for about 20 minutes.

Serve out and accompany with something like avocado and shredded peppers.