Yorkshire Tostada

Yorkshire TostadaHispanic America, basically, a toasted tortilla loaded with great food!

Chilli, Pico de Gallo, Salsa, salad, soured cream, whatever ...

But, what's a Yorkshire Tostada?

I do have a great recipe for Manioc Toritilla, but tonight I made up something quite impromptu, crossed my fingers and blow me down! It worked!

It turned out more like a Yorkshire Pudding, but so what? We have a tradition here in Yorkshire, which has spread nation-wide, if not world-wide, whereupon pretty much anything can be loaded into a "Yorkshire" and enjoyed.

First let's get the Chilli on ...

Texan Chilli 'Bowl of Red'

Diced Beef & Dripping
Worcestershire Sauce
Black Pepper, Ground Coriander & Paprika
Regular Onion & Red Onion
Garlic, Ginger & Chillies
Diced Tomatoes
Beef Stock

In a large skillet, brown off the diced beef (you'll want maybe 600g) in beef dripping.

Meanwhile, peel and rough chop a regular onion, a red onion, three or four garlic cloves, some ginger and de-seed a few red chillies. Blend together. I used a hand blender.

As the beef releases its liquid, slosh in some Worcestershire Sauce, add ground black pepper, ground coriander and some paprika. Allow the liquid to reduce, concentrating the flavours into the meat.

Pour in your onion blend and fry off for a few minutes before adding in the chopped tomatoes (200g, or so, will do). Stir together and pour in some beef stock (maybe a pint, more if you like) and settle the skillet on a gentle simmer to cook through.

Ideally, 3-4 will be perfect. If time is pressing, raise the heat to a gentle boil and keep topping up with water as the liquid reduced.

Manioc Yorkshire Pudding

Manioc Flour
Baking Powder
Sea Salt
Beef Dripping

Using 1 cup of flour per person (I used Sour Starch, usually used for those Brazilian Cheese Puffs), add in yoghurt and stir with a fork until a thick dough forms. Keep adding yoghurt until you get that consistency.

Crack in an egg per person and whisk together.

While whisking the batter sort of stiffens, but when you stop it relaxes into a pouring batter.

Add a little sea salt and a teaspoon of baking powder per person, mix and leave to sit for a while.

Prepare a couple of baking tins in the oven with some beef dripping, maybe 200C (400F?), retrieve the tins and pour the batter in.

Place in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 180C (350F?) until risen and not sticky, doughy in the middle.


While the Yorkshire Puddings are cooking, shred up some lettuce, slice some cucumber, tomato, whatever you have to hand. Peel and slice an avocado.

Reduce your Chilli and add in a good amount of chopped coriander just before serving.


Ready? Place the Yorkshire Pudding in the middle of a round plate, border with sliced cucumber, load with shredded lettuce, some Chilli and crown with avocado, tomato, perhaps a few olives and a good slop of soured cream.

Champion! As we say here in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Tostada