Shredded Duck Legs

Hunting around my local supermarket, I spotted an absolute bargain on duck legs and came away with four large legs for £3!

Yeah, I could do all that confit business and make up something really fly with restaurant presentation and so on ... but it's sunny outside and we'd rather sit on the deck looking out over the valley and enjoy an unpressured meal with a glass or two of red wine.

So, I slathered some Discovery Chipotle Sauce over the legs, popped them in the over (from memory, it was 180C for 2 hours) and shredded the meat off the bones ...

Shredded Duck Legs

... served with a scattered salad of sweet red pepper, shaved fennel, avocado, cucumber, radish and spring onion (as a hint, there's no method there, just madness ... pretty much whatever salad ingredients I had in) and for wraps, good old British cos lettuce.

Utterly hassle-free, prepared in minutes and eaten as and when ...