Primal Chow

I have absolutely no idea what to call this dish ...

It's a "use up" and "make it up as you go" kind of dish, which is pretty much how I cook, but this one is also curiously vegetarian. It is meat-less because I have no meat or fish available. And so, just a like a hunter/gatherer I have to do without when I don't have.

All I did here was to gently fry off some butternut squash in goose fat, adding in some sliced courgette and cooking through until the squash had gone beyond firm while the courgette retained some firmness.

I added a chilli, some black pepper and then turned out onto a plate tossing some avocado pieces over and some buffalo mozzarella.

With a good splash of olive oil, some freshly milled black pepper, Icelandic ash salt, shredded spring onions and some freshly chopped parsley, the dish is ready.

It was satisfying and it was good!