Quick & Dirty Japanese Curry

Quick & Dirty Japanese Curry
Knowing time would be limited this evening, I got myself ahead with some beef chunks, slowly cooked the day before ... nothing special, just a couple of bay leaves, the meat and covered with water, slow cooked at 125C for maybe four or five hours.

Cooled overnight and ready to turn into something this evening I decided upon Japanese Curry, a simple dish of meat, vegetables and a flavour stock cube which is the key to the dish.

Not having such a magical stock cube, I added my own flavours: beef stock, tamarind, black pepper, fish sauce, Worcestershire Sauce & Maggi Chilli Sauce. For vegetables, I added sliced carrots and some frozen peas.

Cook through at 180C for about an hour and we're ready to eat ... just needing a quick thicken with some arrowroot at the end.

Rather than rice, I served with chips ... yes, cooked in goose fat.