Corned Beef Poutine ... of sorts ...

Corned Beef Poutine ... of sorts ...
Watching 'Diners, Drive-ins & Dives', Guy went north of the border to check out a Diner whose special was a Poutine with confit of duck leg.

I actually do have some duck legs in, but they're for another night ... tonight, I want something really quick, really easy and really flavourful. Junk food, in essence, done right.

So, tonight will be a Corned Beef Poutine.

Corned Beef to us (the Brits) comes in cans which I believe foreigners call Bully Beef. Anyway, that's what I'm using. That will be poured over some skinny chips (fries, if you prefer) fried off in goose fat and the cheese, I'm improvising, will be a stringy Emmental.


Meat & Gravy - Can of corned beef, goose fat, onion, mushrooms, manioc flour, garlic powder, black pepper, chillies & Guinness (yes, Guinness ... Original, please)
French Fries - Potatoes & goose fat
Cheese - Emmental

Meat & Gravy

Melt some goose fat in a heavy-based skillet and drop in a shredded onion. Saute on for a few minutes until softened and then add in some slices mushrooms, black pepper and garlic powder. Stir through to ensure the fats are all soaked up by the mushrooms.

Pour in about half a bottle of Guinness Original and sieve over a tablespoon of manioc flour. Set to reduce.

Drop in cubed corned beef, shredded chillies and reduce slowly, seasoning with salt at the end.

French Fries

Peel and slice up potatoes into skinny chips, frying off in goose fat in a heavy-based skillet.


French Fries down first, cheese on top and ladle the meat & gravy over.

Too gorgeous!