Spiced Loch Trout

Spiced Loch Trout
Using the same method as Curried Salmon (à la Café Spice Namasté) I made up a similar, but different dish with Loch Trout.

The day before ...

Make up a marinade from probiotic yoghurt, lemon juice, ground coriander, turmeric, asafoetida, fenugreek, cayenne pepper, black pepper and some salt I have mixed with chilli (billed as 'Bloody Mary Salt'). Add some cumin if you like; I would, but my Mrs abhors the taste, so it was left out.

You don't need a lot here. For two people I used maybe a pound of trout with only two or three good heaped tablespoons of yoghurt. The spice blend should make the marinade taste gorgeous. Don't leave out the asafoetida - it does smell odd, but is very definitely part of the overall flavour which changes everything when the fish is cooked.

For the more purist paleos, perhaps you could try a dry rub of the spices with lime juice to "cook" the flesh?

Chunks of salmon in ... marinade overnight.

On the day ...

Although there appears to be a staggering array of ingredients to make this dish up, it can all be prepared and cooked beforehand, warming through when the fish goes under the grill.

Let's spin around the ingredients ...

Spring greens. Easy ... shred and steam.

Red onion, fennel and butternut squash salsa in red wine vinegar. Thinly slice the red onion and fennel, placing in a dish with some red wine vinegar. Shave and steam the butternut squash, adding into the macerating salsa with some chives, black pepper and sea salt.

Potato croutons. Peel and chop a potato into a cube, then cut down into smaller cubes. Par-boil and set aside. Keep the potato cuttings for another meal.

Orange. Peel and segment.

So, ready to eat?

Lay the fish out on a sheet of kitchen foil under the grill. Turn after a few minutes (say, three) and carry on for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, heat up some fat in two skillets. I used goose fat.

In one, toss the spring greens through to warm up and coat in good fat. In the other, colour up the potato croutons.

Plate up ...

Base the dish with the spring greens, spooning the fennel, red onion and butternut squash salsa over. Dot a few potato croutons around the dish and then the pieces of fish, dotting more potato croutons over. Place the orange segments in and around, garnishing with something like coriander or parsley.