Liver & Onions with a Mushroom Gravy and Wasabi Greens

... much the same as last time I showed you this, but with a thick mushroom gravy and wasabi greens.

Wasabi greens are the tops from wasabi root, with just a subtle horseradish flavour; perfect for offal and a meaty gravy!

The gravy can be made up from a simple stock cube or from leftover juices of a slow-cooked piece of beef - mine was from brisket.

Set it to simmer with some chopped mushrooms, maybe a little sea salt just to bring the right saltiness and flavour out, celery salt adds further flavour and black pepper gives it the bite.

Meanwhile, chop an onion and set it caramelising in some butter or ghee.

Once the onions are softened, coloured and really sweet, thicken the gravy (if necessary) with a little arrowroot or whisk in butter and get slices of liver frying off. The liver takes no time, so plate up while it's cooking through.

Onions down first, some gravy and most of the mushrooms, and some of the wasabi greens.

Lay the liver over the top, spooning more gravy over and a garnish of wasabi greens.

Boiled egg alongside, naturally.

Perfect breakfast!