Plaice Rolls [Fun With Fish]

Plaice Rolls
Steamed fish with rice again ...

Plaice, this time, a flat fish which has fillets top and bottom.

Clean and fillet the fish by slicing along the backbone each side. No need to gut, just fillet and clean up the fillets under cold water afterwards.

Skin the fish. The fillets that come off will be smaller than the total area, and all those feather bits at the edges can be collected up to add to the sauce.

So, with a couple of fillets (one each), lay them out on a board and place a few spears of asparagus in the middle, rolling around them and securing with a cocktail stick.

Prepare everything else ... we have carrot and courgette slices, red cabbage, pak choi and some rice; my Mrs had some salad potatoes. Whatever veg you want alongside, boil, steam or fry it.

A few minutes before all that lot comes together, get the fish steaming: 5-8 minutes is perfect, and will cook the asparagus through, too.

The sauce is simply a case of warming some lemon juice through, whisking in butter and then adding any fish scraps that you retrieved in the skinning and some chives.

Serve out, pouring the sauce over the fish. Garnish with superfluous greens: wasabi greens again.