Rock Pool

Rock Pool
Conceptually, this dish is simply seaweed and shellfish ... yes, a rock pool.

I had some scallops. Your rock pool could include clams, winkles, prawns, langoustine, lobster, crab ... whatever ... I had some scallops.

The seaweed is from a bag of dried sea vegetables. There's all sorts of seaweed varieties in there which just need reconstituting in hot water.

Added to the hot water, it's a shame not to add in some sea salt, garlic, chillies, ginger, spring onions and some sliced mushrooms ... just regular chestnut, because that's all I had. Exotic would be nice, say, enoki or oyster.

Scallops just want colouring up in a little butter. Maybe a minute of cooking time, if that?

Serve up ...

Seaweed in the bowl, shellfish over the top ... oh, and an egg alongside.

Next time, rather than cobble this together out of some leftovers (I made too much seaweed for breakfast to eat with some black pudding*) I'll make this as a deliberate meal: oyster mushrooms, also some clams, scallops and langoustine. Lovely job.

* Black Pudding over a seaweed salad:

Black Pudding & Seaweed Salad

So, a free idea for something else to do with seaweed. Instead of black pudding, any old offal will do: liver, kidney, heart, all would be just perfect.