Pesce-Paleo Garbage Plate

Pesce-Paleo Garbage Plate
Loren Cordain's 'The Paleo Answer' is a very neat book aimed at both paleo and non-paleo folks with a simple handful of points delivered as a paleo punch!

While I disagree with a couple of his points, I took a lot out of the book. Highly recommended even for folks well versed in ancestral lifestyles.

My biggest takeout was around meal timing and frequency ...

Cordain asserts that our ancestors would not have had access to a regular supply of food in the mornings: breakfast, but would eat whatever scraps and leftovers they had from the evening before, if any. The day would then be spent hunting and gathering food (yes, no doubt grazing a little as they went) and the purpose of the day, the focus of the evening, was to enjoy a communal meal.

I'm not a big breakfast eater anyway; that we don't usually have leftovers is not really an issue to me. Some days, I have a few spoons of probiotic goat yoghurt or perhaps a boiled egg that is surplus to requirement from the fridge, but breakfast is not really on my radar.

I have been experimenting with skipping lunch, too, and eating a substantive meal in the evening. This seems to be working out well, although I can't pretend I have adhered to it rigidly ... my lunches, when I have them, are a good bowl of salad (just bulk and interest, really) topped with some protein (often cold fish or prawns) and a boiled egg. Not a huge meal, but certainly enough, and perhaps not a million miles off the quick grab of protein that our ancestors might have had the chance to snatch during their day.

I go on, don't I?

There's a point ...

The garbage plate is a famous dish from Nick Tahou's Rochester restaurant, made up of ... well, leftovers, all manner of them, just dropped onto a plate. Of course, now it's famous it is made up specifically of a number of ingredients, but the spirit of the plate was leftovers.

Any, all ... just put them all on a plate.

Breakfast, and I have leftovers. Might as well eat them ... it is ancestral, afterall!

Here, I had some salad leftover from the night before, a red and a green salad. I also had a baked potato from a couple of days ago, easy to cut up and fry off in goose fat.

The rest of the dish is some smoked salmon that was opened a few days ago and really needed eating, an avocado and some scrambled eggs.

What a breakfast!

Of course, you don't have to (and should not) use the same ingredients. Just open your fridge one morning, take out all the leftovers you have and make up a meal.

Have fun ...