AnySharp: The World's Best Knife Sharpener

The World's Best Knife Sharpener

Bold. Very bold.

I have a sharpening steel, and like many, I was curious about what this device could bring to the table.

I also have a couple of favourite knives which would not sharpen with a steel and were in need of regrinding.

Before taking all my knives for regrinding (yes, after gaining a quote) I thought I'd give this little device a go, which I've had in mind to buy and try out for some time.

Very impressive, indeed!

It took my very blunt knives and put new edges back on them, honed up to razor sharp.

The tungsten carbide blades are set to 22 degrees, perfect for Western knives. Simply draw the blade through gently a couple of times and you're done! Blades in need of a new edge need a couple of strong pulls through, taking care to follow the blade shape and then a couple of times gently to perfect the edge.

The device fixes to just about anything with a really powerful suction cup. With two, you could probably scale buildings!

Once finished, simply use a fridge magnet to collect up all the metal filings.

Two downsides ... of sorts ...
  • First, it is for Western knives only. It is not compatible with single edged Japanese knives.
  • Second, real perfectionists will want to strop the blade, but the vast majority of us will simply not notice and enjoy the new found life in our knives.
Cost? Somewhere around £10 posted will get you one of these, available in blue or silver.

Highly advisable!

AnySharp make a "gift pack" for shy of £30 which will get you the sharpener in polished metal alloy body, lifetime guarantee and a tub to keep it in.

AnySharp also make a "plus" model which can sharpen scissors as well. Somewhere shy of £20 for this model, available in grey or carbon fibre.

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... and, don't worry. This is not the start of a trend to monetize Living in the Ice Age; simply, I am so impressed with this little device that I had to share.