Baked Sweet Potato

Baked Sweet Potato
Quick, and a really sane carb source for active people ...

Simply, take a sweet potato, spike it all over with a fork and place into the oven set to 200C (400F?) covered in goose fat or your favourite paleo fat for an hour, basting at the half hour and turning over.

You'll be presented with well cooked flesh, soft, with a hard skin that can be slit and the topping dropped in easily.

Let's make that filling a little different ...

While the sweet potato is cooking, make up a salsa of red onion, red wine vinegar, cucumber, tomato, chilli, black pepper, sea salt and dill. Leave this to macerate for the hour.

Ready to eat?

Remove the sweet potato from the oven, slash it, drop in a good slab of butter (paleo purists should use coconut oil or an animal fat - again, goose fat would be perfect here, as would beef dripping) then top with the salsa.

Push in some avocado pieces, get a bright idea right at the last minute and fry off some shredded streaky bacon (everything is better with bacon, right!), sprinkle some prawns from the fridge and garnish with chives.

I had planned a yoghurt and lemon juice sauce, but forgot it ... it was not necessary.

All the ingredients worked together so well, each complimenting the other into a perfect medley of flavour, no one overpowering.

So, ingredient and method summary ...
  • Sweet potato - spike and bake (at 200C/400F) in fat, adding in fat once slit open
  • Salsa - red onion, tomato, cucumber, chilli, dill, black pepper and salt; macerated for the cooking time
  • Bacon - shredded streaky bacon, fried off before serving
  • Prawns - pre-cooked, straight from the fridge
  • Avocado - skinned, de-seeded and cut into segments
... put it all together.