Open Salmon Döner

Salmon Döner
Döner. Turkish meat cooked on a spit, sliced and served with salad in a pitta. Greek, Gyro.

Tonight, without the pitta as an "open sandwich" and using salmon in place of meat since I found a lovely piece of loin at the supermarket at such a knock down price, I could not pass by without picking it up ... picking up a couple of pieces.

Skin and slice the fish ...


... lay the pieces on a tray, sprinkle with ground coriander, perhaps cumin, and place under a medium grill (broiler, in American parlance) for about 15 minutes, turning part way through.

What you're looking for is for the salmon to be cooked and to have dehydrated slightly and taken on a crust, reminiscent of the re-heated meat on a Döner spit.

While that's doing, make some salads.

I went with a green salad, a red salad and a Greek yoghurt sauce:
  • Green Salad - shredded cos lettuce, cucumber, spring onions, some dill ... and pretty much any green salad ingredient I could find.
  • Red Salad - shredded red cabbage, beetroot, tomato, chilli, that kind of thing ... red salad ingredients.
  • Greek Yoghurt Sauce - simply, Greek yoghurt, chopped dill and some lemon juice.
Salmon ready?

Serve out the three bowls with a couple of clean plates. Dig in!

If you did want it more traditionally, in a flat bread wrap, I'm sure a manioc tortilla would do the trick.