Roasted Pancetta Wrapped Salmon

The classic combination of salmon, pancetta, some roasted salad potatoes, green beans and a little side salad. Perfect!

Potatoes? They're not paleo! No, but they're perfectly welcome in the paleo+ world as safe starches and as paleo progresses, many paleo eaters are perfectly happy with some white potato.

Worried about those green beans? Relax, they're more pod than bean, and in season so grab them while they're at their best!

Anything else? Yes, nitrates in the pancetta. Again, relax - your body can happily cope with it. Your body is not a temple! It's a savannah - get out there any enjoy it.

So, to work ...

Oven on. 180C, so 350F-ish?

Get your potatoes par boiling while to do the fiddly bit ...

Take your salmon fillet, skin it if necessary and wrap a piece of pancetta around it. Place it on an ovenproof plate.

Your par-boiled potatoes can now be drained and into the pan, put some butter (or ghee, lard, dripping or  coconut oil), minced garlic and chopped herbs - I went for chive. I also put in a little lemon zest.

Spoon these out onto the same ovenproof plate ensuring that all the butter and herbs are lathered over them.

Grind some black pepper over the salmon and potatoes, squeeze some lemon juice over and pop it in the over for 15-20 minutes until it all starts to brown. No salt - the pancetta has that covered.

That's it!

While it's cooking prepare something green - I went with green beans; tenderstem broccoli, asparagus, spring greens or kale would all be great!

Total time: Under half an hour.
Total effort: Negligible.
Total gain: MAXIMUM!