Manioc Tortilla

Despite saying what I did about lettuce being the ultimate paleo bread, I actually fancied something different to cos with my Friday night Chilli.


Manioc is pounded cassava root. Dehydrated, it is sold as a flour and used widely in South America, notably Brazil who eat it as Pão de Queijo (or, Cheese Puffs).

What if they could be made flat?

Inspired by Primal Saoirse on Mark Sissons' forums, I followed her guidelines for Manioc Tortilla.

I like how she said she didn't weigh or measure, just went for it! My kind of cooking. Her guidelines were good but I deviated, as I always do ...

I began with half a cup (a real cup) of sour starch (or, polvilho azedo), then some pecorino cheese - some, unmeasured, but grated and tamped down it might have made a quarter of the cup I used for the flour, and two eggs.

Whisked together with a fork ... coz Grok didn't have a food mixer, right? Or because I don't have a food mixer!

No milk in the house, but I do have butter! So, about a centimetre slice off the end of a stick, softened and poured in, the mix was now pourable, but certainly not a batter. Loosened with a little water, it became a good batter.

Flavours? Chilli flakes and marjoram. Why? I like marjoram and I fancied pepping up the tortilla.

Pour a ladle into a skillet and flip as the sides start to come away from the pan, colouring both sides and then flip out onto a board.

Presenting ... Primal Saoirse's Manioc Tortilla