Gazpacho ... with Gusto!

Gazpacho is an Andalusian raw vegetable soup based on tomatoes and noted for its acidic bite!

Your Gazpacho can include any number of ingredients - avocado, cucumber, watermelon, grapes, even seafood. Modern recipes will often include sugar to counter the vinegar as a gastrique - paleo, we can simply leave that out and enjoy the genuine article.

My previous article on Gazpacho was a rather pure version, just tomato and a good zing.

This, more spontaneous ...

Wanting a quick starter while my Corned Beef Hash cooked out, I just chopped up a few ingredients and whizzed it through with my hand blender.

For two ...

Two tomatoes, cubed.
Two inches of cucumber, cubed.
One green pepper, chopped.
Two large spring onions, chopped.
Four cloves of pickled garlic.
Two large pickled chillies, shredded.
Twelve splashes of green Tabasco.
One capful of white wine vinegar.
Black pepper.
Sea Salt.

Blitz, but not to a purée ... we want some crunch!

Want it more pure(e)? Muddle it with the end of a rolling pin until the relevant softness has been found.

Serve out into a bowl with a few ice cubes dropped in for added chill.