Corned Beef Hash

To our friends over the pond, this would be Bully Beef Hash ... but as is so often, we are a common people divided by a common language; and, corned beef for them is not the same as corned beef to us.

Corned beef to us comes in tins - it is beef, beef fat, salt and (shhh!) a little sugar.

This was one of my stop-gap pre-paleo meals, made from an onion, some garlic, a tin of corned beef, a tin of peeled plum tomatoes, a tin of baked beans, some chopped carrot, some chopped potato and some spices.

We can make it paleo ...

In its simplest form, Corned Beef Hash is corned beef, onion, tomato and potato, which would be sweet potato in the paleo world. From this most basic description, add in whatever flavours and textures you like.


I began softening a chopped onion in some beef dripping and then poured in a carton of chopped tomatoes.

Now the flavours: garlic, Scotch Bonnet pepper, paprika, black pepper and chicken stock.

Now the textures: sweet potato and carrot cubes. Later on, I'll drop in some chopped green peppers which, if let to cook too long leave sharp skins in the food.

Let this simmer for a while until the roots are soft.

In goes a can of corned beef, cut into cubes, along with a chopped green pepper.

Finally, just before serving, stir through some chopped herbs: coriander, in my case.

Serve out into a bowl and dig in! Paleo-ish comfort food.