Döner Kebab Meat

Turkish kebab meat ...

I've done this before by making up skewered meat and slicing thinly, but this works much better.

Inspired by The Domestic Man and following his simple method closely, I made a couple of deviations.

First, get some meat - minced lamb, which, for this experiment I went with a pound.

Put this into a mixing bowl and pound it! Squeeze it through your fingers! Pummel it! Break it down ... this is miles more fun than using a food mixer.

Herbs. Marjoram.

Spices. Ground coriander, cumin and chilli powder.

Flavouring. Sea salt and white pepper.

Using the ratio of one onion per couple of pounds of meat, I used half an onion, chopped and then blitzed with my hand blender along with a couple of cloves of garlic.

Set this pulp aside in a sieve and capture the liquid. You can use that water in something else, which I did - a spicy hot and sour crab soup. That's an aside.

Swirl the pulp around in the sieve to throw more liquid out, but don't press on it. We don't want it pushed through the sieve.

Add the drained onion pulp to the meat and blend in well.

At this point we want all the air bubbles out, so using your fist, push it into the base of the bowl hard. You could do, as The Domestic Man suggests, wrap in cling film and squeeze tight, but we've a much more fun method; one used by British Pork Pie makers the world over.

You pick up the meat carefully, so as not to get more air in it and then you throw it hard into an ovenproof dish.

The point of throwing it hard is to ensure that no further air is captured. In the Pork Pie world, such an error would cause it to explode. Press it in well.

Into a pre-heated oven set to 180C (that's 350F, or thereabouts) for 90 minutes, perhaps lowering the heat for the final half hour if it is getting overly brown.

Set aside to cool - Döner Kebab meat is best re-heated.

When you want to eat, take any number of thin slices from this loaf, grill it and set alongside a salad of chopped white cabbage, red onion, pickled chillies, cucumber, tomato and any other goodies you want to throw in. For the paleo+ folks, a bowl of minted yoghurt alongside is always good.