Flaked Salmon Pickled Turnip Salad

Continuing with the Baltic theme, after our Borscht, we had a simple salad of good Baltic ingredients.

First, boil some turnip, topped, tailed and cut into wedges. Don't cut them too small.

In the last couple of minutes, chuck in a few large spring onion heads.

Once soft, remove from the water and place into a bowl with a good handful of chopped dill and a generous helping of white wine vinegar.

Leave to cool ...

Immerse a fillet of salmon per person in the water and gently poach.

Build your salad ...

Begin with some greens. I went with spinach leaves.

Layer over some pickled gherkin slices. Spoon over the turnips and spring onions. Flake over the warm poached salmon, garnishing with more chopped dill and some freshly milled black pepper. Crown with a good dollop of smetana, a Russian soured cream.

What a fantastic trail of good, gut probiotic encouraging food!