Italia! Paleo Finger Food!

I've often made a small Insalata di Caprese as an entrée or finger food, just one slice of tomato, a basil leaf and a single small ball or slice of mozzarella, black pepper over. Superb!

The colours of the Italian flag are represented in this little salad and the combination of colours, I find, quite striking.

Inspired ...

... and with some pepperoni in my fridge for some reason or other, the actual reason escapes me now, but it needs eating. What to do?

Warm some slices of pepperoni through under the grill.

Lay out on a plate and cover with a single basil leaf per slice.

Colour up sufficient scallops for the number of slices of pepperoni and lay one on each, a drop of chilli sauce over.

There you go ... canapes! Fun for a light entree, plate of finger food or just wolfing down a load.

Danger! Danger! There's nitrates in that deli meat!

To quote Sébastien Noël over at Paleo Diet Lifestyle: "If you’re concerned about the nitrates in bacon, you can easily find a nitrate-free bacon. Also know that nitrates are a natural compound found in much higher amounts in almost all vegetables."