Turkey Stew & Oopsie Rolls

Turkey Stew
Mid-week and I have things I want to get on with, so home, bung a few things in a pan, set it off cooking and get about my business ... I can finish it off later.

So, Turkey Stew - brown off diced turkey in goose fat, add onion and garlic, then potato, carrot, pour in chicken stock and sprinkle over some sage and marjoram.

Lid on and let it gently simmer for a couple of hours ...

Ready to eat?

The stew will be nicely reduced, so add some peas to the stew, stir in some arrowroot or manioc flour which does not clump if you sieve it into the stew.

Boil or steam some greens. I went with some Brussels Sprouts.

Stew is no more complicated than this and a really good, nutritious and seriously tasty meal can be made with absolute minimal effort or expertise.

We had Oopsie Rolls with ours ...

Oopsie Rolls

Oopsie Rolls? I put the question mark there since I'd not heard of them before, but they seem to be well known across the internet so I wonder if it's one of those regional things.

Oopsie Rolls are a low-carb bread alternative. Now, I am not enormously in favour of mimicing modern foods with paleo-friendly ingredients, but some things really are better - spiralized vegetable spaghetti, for instance.

I have no point of reference for whether I got these right or wrong, but we enjoyed them and I can certainly see how they'd hold their own for something like burgers or cooled off and a convenient sandwich made for lunch the following day.

Anyway, let's make 'em!

Oven on, 180C (350F?) and get a greaseproof tray. I don't have one, so the grill pan will have to do with a sheet of baking parchment.

Ingredients are: Cream Cheese (100g), Eggs (3), Baking Powder (1 tsp) and Salt (pinch).

Separate the eggs, whisk the whites until firm in one bowl and in another, combine the yolks, cream cheese, salt and baking powder. Fold the mixture into the whites and spoon out onto your tray. This will make 6-8 and don't worry if they touch each other - once cooked, they can be cut apart.

Into the oven for 25-30 minutes until brown and hardened a little. If it's your first go with these, you'll have to feel your way - this was my first go and this worked out for me.