Turkey & Prawn Laab [Quickest Ever!]

Turkey & Prawn Laab
I love Laab ...

From my first go to revisiting just that, I've made up Laab a number of times, but this is my quickest yet.

End of the week, home, the pressures of work dropped and ready to enjoy a great evening and weekend ahead, we need quick food.

Here's how:

  • Meat - Minced turkey or pork (for speed), prawns, perhaps white fish
  • Flavours - Fish sauce, spices, black pepper, chillies, lime or lemon
  • Vegetables - Anything, diced or sliced
  • Fat - Coconut oil
In a skillet, warm the fat, fry off the meat, add the prawns, add your flavours and add your vegetables.

I don't think there are many rules, just put some minced meat, flavours and vegetables into a pan, cook through and eat. Little prep, quick frying and get stuck in as fast as you can ...

Cucumber RaitaCucumber Raita

I went with spring onions, green beans and bell peppers, all thinly sliced across the bias, turkey mince, prawns, fish sauce, ground coriander, chillies, black pepper and lime juice.

Alongside, I made a nice cucumber raita for alongside and served with lettuce leaves.