Smoked Mackerel Savoury Rice

Breakfast ...

What a fantastic day! Mid-winter, the sun is shining, it's bright, great visibility and a crisp in the air. What a day to get out there and enjoy sun, views and a damn good walk in the hills.

Best get prepared, eh?

Smoked Mackerel Savoury Rice

I love smoked mackerel. I love mackerel, but smoked, it's cheap, smells great, tastes great and is one hell of a good punch of protein and fat dropped into any lunchtime salad. Today, I'm going to warm it up and enjoy it for my breakfast.

I've also had some bags of par-boiled rice in the freezer for some time, intended for taking to work and nuking at lunchtime. I gather from our man at Free the Animal that this method increases the resistant starch within rice - a good thing, apparently.

Let's put the two together ...

So, in a large skillet, I melted some goat butter, softened some chopped onion, celery and garlic, added in some ginger and chilli, then some turmeric, ground coriander and asafoetida, next some chopped bell peppers, some sweetcorn and peas.

Water, finish off the cooking process and drop in flaked smoked mackerel at the end, folding in.

Serve with some leaves and a boiled egg ... not pictured, since I forgot it, so ate it afterwards. I guess I made a kind of Kedgeree.

Now, to the hills!