Deep! Deep! Cheesecake

I'm known for my cheesecakes and when there's a party, I make a cheesecake. Tonight, we're hosting but it doesn't matter. I'll make a cheesecake ...


The cake needs time to set, so prepare the day before and dress on the day.

You'll need:
  • Cream Cheese
  • Double Cream
  • Vanilla Paste
  • Honey
  • Biscuits - gluten-free if you like
  • Coconut Oil
First, the base - break up a bunch of biscuits. I used straight-up Digestive biscuits. Yes, wheat, but big deal! This is a party and a bunch of non-primals will be along so ... what does it matter? Once. Okay, twice a year. Big deal!

Use gluten-free if you like, or make up some almond and coconut flour base. Your call ... 

Either way, set it with coconut oil and stir together to ensure everything has been coated with the oil.

Now, your mould. I use a large 10" wide cake tin with one of those clips on so you can easily remove the sides. Press the biscuit mixture into the mould and press again, getting it nice and tight. Pop it in the fridge and the cold will do its magic, solidifying the base.

Next, the cheese - Using twice the amount of cream cheese to double cream, whisk together with some vanilla paste and honey. How much? Well, for this 10" I used two 300g tubs of cream cheese and a 300ml carton of double cream. Double cream? Heavy cream will do - it's not quite as fatty as British double cream, but it will do fine. Vanilla paste? Enough. Honey? Sufficient.

Cream cheese should be single ingredient. Cream cheese is made from milk, so that's what you should see on the ingredients, if they're listed at all. Philadelphia? Puke! I know I've got Digestive biscuits in the base, but the cheese is the star ... get it right!

Whisk together until it's as firm as possible and spoon into the mould over the now chilled base.

Commit to the fridge overnight and before serving, dress with berries. I went with a sort of Union Flag design for a bit of fun.

So, backing up a little ...

If you want to make these smaller in, say, Chef's forming rings, do so! You can leave the base out and just enjoy the cake - that's what it's all about. We enjoy this regularly.