Happy New Year!

While a new dawn fades ...

I had a half-cooked post around resolutions, lifestyle changes, dry January and all that, but J over at gnolls.org said is so much more elegantly: Will You Go On A Diet, or Will You Change Your Life?

That, and walk more.

I have no resolutions to make, only to carry on what I am doing and to that end I'll carry on posting here, but you will see a huge simplicity.

What we eat will go through cycles of really simple, easy food which might look very uninteresting, but I'll post it anyway - it might spark some interest, be the point of inception for a phase of interest and so a more interesting post might arise out of it.

Mundane? Actually, no. Just run of the mill ...

Once again, I'll reiterate that this is my food blog; what I eat. Ancestral in focus, I'm not dogmatic - paleo, paleo+, primal, whatever the label, it's not a religion. In fact, I'm quite relaxed and hopefully you'll see that 80/20 split and not just focus on "that's not paleo".

But, if you're looking for recipes, you'll be disappointed. Here's why I don't "do" recipes. Ancestral eating is not about following recipes, but simply putting real food together, eating, enjoying and living.

Let ingredients be your inspiration, your mantra being "take real foods and put them together"

Let nature be your personal shopper, your mantra being "eat local, seasonal and organic"

Happy New Year! Have a great one ...