Cod, Cabbage, Beetroot & Sharon Fruit [Adventitious Tuesday]

Fencing night! We need something quick, light, satiating and wholesome ...

I have a fridge full of fish, vegetables, the odd item of fruit and berries, but I'm stuck for inspiration so called the Mrs to pick a fish and three other items.

I was presented with:
  • Cod
  • Mini-Cabbages
  • Beetroot
  • Sharon Fruit
... and so, we had a meal of Cod, Cabbage, Beetroot & Sharon Fruit.

Cod, Cabbage, Beetroot & Sharon Fruit

Looking at the ingredients, I wanted to make the very best of them, enjoying their very essence, so decided upon raw beetroot (no need to cook 'em, eh?) yet just warm through the Sharon fruit.

Beetroot, we know is rich in anti-oxidants, has a great complex of micro-nutrients and is known for it's heart-healthy benefits. Sharon fruit is very much the same with a great complex of micro-nutrients and research is finding just how good it is at protecting against heart disease.

Great! So, we have a couple of really good things to eat there which are so full of flavour, texture and will really enhance the enjoyment of the dish.

Keeping it simple, I just diced them up, warmed the Sharon fruit through in a dry pan and folded in some coriander leaves.

Mini-Cabbages were simply chopped in half and steamed for maybe eight minutes while the fish gently fried through in a skillet with some butter. Quick baste here and there, and we're done ...

Cabbage halves at either side of the plate, beetroot and Sharon fruit salsa in the middle, fish loaded up on top and a little bowl of sauce alongside - a quick afterthought: Discovery Chipotle Paste, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, squeeze of lemon juice and splash of Worcestershire Sauce. It's a condiment - relax. In fact, the only "non-paleo" ingredient is sugar in the ketchup.

While not especially imaginative, this was a quick meal made up from a random selection of ingredients which came together really well and gave us a thoroughly good meal, proof that simply taking real food and putting it together works - it need not get any more complicated.