Scandinavian Herring Salad

I've travelled a lot around Scandinavia, the Baltic and out to Russia ... one thing that I always take home is the food!

I just seem to thrive on their cleaner, simpler version of what is very much British food, just done cleaner and simpler.

This salad is based around things you can find in your local supermarket.

Pickled herring, pickled beetroot, pickled gherkin, red onion, fennel, radish and dill. Eggs.

That's the ingredient list ... here's how ...

Shave some fennel. Use a veg peeler or a very sharp knife, but get some shavings of fennel and pop them on the plate.

Cut a couple of slices of red onion and immerse them in water - this will take the sting off them. After a good ten minutes, drain, collect the best bits, slice into reasonable sections and scatter over the plate.

Place a few pieces of pickled herring over, slices of radish, pickled gherkin and quarters of pickled beetroot.

Garnish with dill.

Slosh some olive oil over if you like ... I did. I also had a grind of black pepper over.