Bacon & Egg Umami

I have some egg whites left over from Hollandaise the previous day.

I could do a mega egg, making one giant fried egg with these yolks and cracking one extra egg in for the yolk, or I could just make a large fried egg white.

I'll do that ...

What should go with it? Bacon! Everything is better with bacon.

What else? Tomatoes.

What else? Herbs, chilli and something new.

To work ...

Get the bacon cooking in a skillet - we want it cooked through and all the fat nice and crispy. Cooking for two, I used a couple of slices of streaky bacon.

Once cooked, set aside for a second while the egg is cooked in the grease.

Simply pour the egg whites into the skillet. I had four whites.

Flip over, turn out onto a board to cut. I was using fancy rectangular plates, so the egg was trimmed into a couple of rectangular pieces. Gobble the trimmings down with a little sea salt. Chef's privilege.

Lay that on the plate, thin slices of tomato over, some Tabasco over that, then the bacon, then some chopped chives and ...

Finally, a sprinkling of Laura Sattini's 'Umami Dust'.

Umami Dust? Is that paleo? Probably not, but there's nothing sinister in the ingredients list.

"Designed to turn any savoury dish into a culinary delight, Laura Santtini has released a new powdered version of the original Taste #5 Umami all-natural flavour bomb paste. Taste #5 Umami Dust is made from a combination of everyday Mediterranean ingredients, including natural umami, lemon peels, garlic, balsamic vinegar, anchovies, porcini mushrooms and tomatoes. Unlike many of the other food seasonings on the shelves it does not contain the flavour enhancer monosodium glutamate." foodmasters.co.uk

Voila! Simple starter ... and boy, what a flavour!