Tuna Fish Cakes

From canned tuna, these fish cakes are so simple to make.

Drain a 170g can of tuna per person. Drained weight is about 140g?

Tuna can be dry, so we're going to combine it with some mashed potato in equal portions.

Weigh, boil and mash the potato, add in the tuna meat and two eggs per portion, combining fully.

Add in some flavours - black pepper, celery salt, lemon juice; some herbs - parsley; some further padding: spring onions.

Form into a couple of patties in Chef's rings and place into a heated skillet with hot coconut oil for a couple of minutes on each side and then drop the heat. Remove the rings and then give the cakes a few more minutes each side before serving.

Serve out onto a plate with a light salad. Accompany with a simple tartare of caper, gherkin, dill and lemon juice in soured cream.