Yorkshire Hot Pot

Our Lancastrian cousins over the hills can't have all the fun ...

If there's a Lancashire Hot Pot, there should be a Yorkshire Hot Pot!

Lancashire Hot Pot is a simple, no-frills dish of lamb neck, onions, garlic and potatoes. Yorkshire Hot Pot should be as simple, as unfussy and as tasty, but ... while our Lancastrian cousins do love their sheep, us Yorkshire folk are known for our piggies!

So, pork shoulder it is ...

Build the dish in exactly the same way, laying the meat down first, covering with caramelised onions, garlic, herbs and some kidneys, covering with potato slices and topping up with stock. Slow cook  for a good couple of hours at 150C (300F) and in the last half an hour, butter the potato layer and crisp it up.

See ... told you it wasn't a fussy dish.

Meanwhile, prepare some veggies ...

Red cabbage is perfect. Shred half a red cabbage for a couple of people. Get it boiling. I like to do a sort of slow boil for a good couple of hours, really softening the cabbage and concentrating the flavours. Pop in some pickled beetroot, red wine, red wine vinegar and let it go. Ensure that all the liquid is fully reduced before serving.

Boil and mash some potato - one baked potato sized potato per person. Once mashed with some butter, add in one egg yolk per potato and fully combine. Pipe out the mash onto a baking tray and - voila: Duchess Potatoes!

These go in the oven for half an hour at the end of cooking, so just pop them in when you butter over the Yorkshire Hot Pot.

Ready to eat? Not 'arf! Serve out and get stuck in!

Concerning Potatoes

There is a lot of white potato in this dish. White potatoes have long been vilified by the paleo community, its sweet cousin made the darling, but I cannot find much difference between them in terms of starch or insulin response.

White potatoes do seem to be more accepted amongst ancestral eaters, but the same words of advice are true for any starch: don't over-do it.

Todd gives us a sound consideration of potatoes on his Primal Toad website.