Prawn Guacamole Cocktail


Yes, the 300th post and how fortuitous that it is what might well be a signature dish!

Inspired by the regular prawn cocktail, which I have previously enhanced with cubes of avocado, I decided to go the whole hog and just serve some prawns over guacamole with an interface of shredded lettuce.

I'm sure this has been done by someone, but I was very happy to have come up with it on the spur of the moment.

Let's get to it ...

First, purée some avocado. I used two for two people.

The process of fully puréeing is important - I use a stick blender and once the avocado is broken down, continue to mash it for some time until the oils start to release. This leads to a really smooth mole, which I like unadulterated with nothing more than a little lime juice and sea salt: Holy Guacamole.

Carefully spoon into a tumbler, glass, small bowl, or something that you might normally serve a Prawn Cocktail in.

Next, shred some crisp lettuce and pat down over the guac. You could drop a few small cubes of tomato, cucumber, radish, ingredients like that over the lettuce - I may well do next time.

Stir some sour cream into a portion of prawns, a little sea salt and a good dusting of smoked paprika. Stir together and spoon over the lettuce.

Eat immediately, or chill in the fridge until ready.