Naked Baltic Salad!

Naked? No, you don't need to go au naturel to make this up ...

Simple to put together and a great punch of sour goodness!

Around the Baltic, all manner of pickles can be found as favourites in all states from Sweden to Russia to Poland and everywhere in between.

The list is not restrictive, but pickled herring, pickled anchovy, pickled gherkin, pickled beetroot, sauerkraut, pickled carrot and boiled eggs are all sound ingredients.

Take a few, some or all of these and put them on a plate.

Here, I went with a small bed of sauerkraut topped with a couple of pieces of pickled herring and a couple of slices of pickled gherkin alongside.

Accompanied by a blob of soured cream; more authentic to the Baltic is smetana which has a more creamier flavour than the soured cream we're used to in Western Europe, and garnished with dill.

Astonishingly, I had neither in the house, so the salad is naked!

Dress it if you're prudish :)